Ecoworks Teak & Deck Cleaner

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The environmentally responsible and pH neutral method to revitalise and protect teak decks. Traditional teak cleaners are extremely toxic on the environment and damaging on teak, we call this negative cleaning. This cleaner uses enzyme action to emulsify grease and eco-friendly surfactants and non-VOC green solvents to gently lift dirt clean off the surface instead of burning it off. Leaves your teak bright and clean while preserving its quality. We call this positive cleaning.

How it works:
The bacteria in the teak deck cleaner searches for dirt because it’s a food source and they go deep into the microscopic crevices of the teak, cleaning it from the inside out. After first use the teak will look cleaner, but the real benefit comes over the next week, as the teak cleaner keeps working as it goes on working for several days after application, helping the teak stay brighter for much longer.

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Core benefits:

  • Highly concentrate – 4 capfuls per 10 litre bucket of water
  • Safe on paint work & GRP
  • Revitalise and protect the teak and hardwood surfaces
  • Bacterial based formula to eat all the dirt and grease


  • Solvent Free
  • pH nuetral
  • Plant derived solvents
  • No animal testing
  • Fully biodegradable and environmentally safe formula
  • Contains plant-derived eco-solvents that provide an effective deep cleaning of the surface

Best practices:
Works well on all exterior wood surfaces, from teak decking to teak or wood furniture. This teak cleaner provides a longer lasting positive effect on your teak.

Pour 4 capfuls – 1:200 (1.62 fl oz) into a bucket of water (2 gallons) and apply with a deck brush or mitt. Rinse off with fresh water and allow to dry.

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