EWM Bilge Cleaner

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An environmentally responsible powerful bilge cleaning liquid. Formulated to remove, disperse and dissolve heavyweight grease, grime and hydrocarbon oils.

How it works:
The Bilge cleaner is a ready to use liquid. Using enzymes and carbon eating bacteria to break down the oil in the water of a bilge, lifting the grease from the sides of the bilge, cleaning and literally eating the carbon that is the oil, turning it into co2 and water.

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Core benefits:

  • Highly concentrated liquid, Can be diluted at 1:10 for spray cleaning
  • Replaces the need to use hazardous solvents
  • Safe on all equipment, rubber seals, PVC etc
  • Plant derived, carbon neutral, eco- solvent which effectively replaces conventional hazardous solvents
  • Non-HAZMAT


  • No synthetic solvents
  • pH nuetral
  • Plant derived solvents
  • Fully biodegradable and environmentally safe formula
  • Contains plant-derived eco-solvents that provide an effective deep cleaning of the surface

Best practices:
This bilge cleaner can be added directly to. bilge water but also used diluted in a spray bottle to get to those hard to reach places. It works incredibly will on Hydraulic oil!

Ready to use: Pour 100 ml per 10 metre bilge. Leave in the bilge while operating boat before pumping out. Dispose of responsibly at an authorised pump-out station. Trigger spray at 1:10 dilution.

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