EWM Yacht Wash

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Low foaming general purpose boat cleaner using natural ingredients which are safe on our oceans. Combats salt, grease and grime. Once dried, it will leave the boat with a bright shine finish that will last for all surfaces from glossed paintwork to carbon fibre, GRP and varnished wood surfaces.

How it works:
Yacht Wash contains a quick working eco surfactant system to provide effective and quick emulsification and easy lifting of soils, dirt and grease from hard surfaces. As well as plant derived, near carbon neutral, low VOC eco-solvent, effectively replacing the need for more conventional and hazardous solvents.

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Core benefits:

  • Formulated with naturally derived ingredients
  • Low foam (foam does not do the cleaning the liquid does)
  • Highly concentrated with dilution at 1:200
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Streak free


  • No synthetic solvents
  • pH nuetral
  • Plant derived solvents
  • No animal testing
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Fully biodegradable and environmentally safe formula.

Best practices:
YachtWash can be used for a variety of uses with it’s high concentration it can go a long way! Use it on your vehicles or to clean outdoor furniture. It can also be used within a pressure washer diluted at 1:200. This product has even been used for cleaning the exterior of buildings.

Pour 4 capfuls – 1:200 (1.62 fl oz) into a bucket of water (2 gallons) and apply with a deck brush or mitt. Rinse off with fresh water and allow to dry.

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